Pre-training for Video Understanding Challenge

Track 1 Leaderboard

1 Bigsea 26.33 21.07 35.32 7.88
2 starwar 25.70 21.39 33.91 7.60
3 CV_MM 22.59 20.11 29.40 7.22

Track 2 Leaderboard

# Team Name Top-1 accuracy
1 AutoX-4Paradigm 62.39
2 CV_MM 59.87
3 Bigsea 57.65


For the evaluation in the downstream task of video captioning, we will use and publish in a leaderboard the automatic metric results, including BLEU@4, METEOR, CIDEr and SPICE, on the testing set of MSR-VTT dataset.

For the evaluation in the downstream task of video categorization, we will report the top-1 accuracy on the testing set of Downstream dataset.


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